Easy Tips for Skincare Newbies

I find that taking care of your skin makes you feel good. When you know it’s well taken care of you feel a natural glow with or without makeup. I know that the skincare industry can be intimidating. I’m sharing the first 4 steps to starting your skincare journey.

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4 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress

The Holidays can take a lot out of a person. Especially when you’re up at 2 am wrapping presents and online shopping for gifts. Cursing all the people that bought you presents last year. Guilted into returning the favor. All this adding to the vast amount of debt accumulated through the years. Easy to feel overwhelmed and not in the spirit of giving this time of year.

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Lavender Cider Tea Cocktail Recipe

Let’s get down to it. It’s the holidays so Christmas drinks will be happening. Whether it’s a nice hotty toddy or a tea cocktail. Well maybe everyone isn’t having tea cocktails all the time but we would like to make it more mainstream. Since we love tea and tea with booze is even more fun. This tea cocktail tastes good cold or warm.

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Yin Yoga Benefits and Why I love it

I work out pretty often and lately have had more issues with my hip flexors. Not one to run to the doctor. Sorry, not sorry. I begin to research different types of yoga and gain a better understanding of them. Hoping to find one that fit what I had been looking for in a yoga class. That’s when I stumbled upon the yin style of yoga.

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Best Clean Makeup Gift Guide

Christmas gift guides are my favorite. I love seeing if there are any unique gifts that I can get people. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect gift. This year I fell in love with clean beauty - skincare and makeup. What is clean beauty? Clean beauty means makeup and skincare that is free of harmful chemicals, cruelty free and more ethical in production.

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