Benefits of Traveling Alone

Female solo traveler

Female solo traveler

I love the benefits of traveling alone. I have been watching an unnatural amount of YouTube female solo traveling videos lately. I love traveling and the voyeurism in me likes to see awesome women seeing the world. Solo travelers don’t making excuses, they go out and see the world! Often we find ourselves waiting - for the perfect time, partner, friends, budget etc.

If you want to do something the only thing in your way is yourself. I like knowing that if I want to see part of the world nothing will stand in my way of doing it. Here are the top three benefits of traveling alone


Get to know yourself better.

When you only have yourself to make decisions you see who you are. Owning your decisions in traveling will help you do that. You’ll find places you like and dislike and you’ll learn about yourself without the opinions of others. That’s great! How often do you have an experience with someone that wasn’t as into it as you? When that happens you might find that your own feelings about the experience begin to falter. Traveling solo means having confidence in your intuition and your experience. Growing in your ability to say what works for you and what doesn’t.

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All your decisions are your own.

Not having to compromise is a feeling that we don’t enjoy as much as we should. Especially in group travel. Traveling solo means that you can choose to do whatever you want when you want. There is no guilt in taking a day to yourself or skipping the museum. This itinerary is all yours to do as you please. You’ll also learn what kind of traveler you are so that when you decide to group travel. You’ll know how to pick your travel buddies. Since not everyone is equal in the type of traveling they like to do.

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Step out of your comfort zone.

When you step out of your comfort zone that’s when the true adventures begin. I find that in the situations where I have been alone, I have made new friends. Not having someone with me forced me to talk to strangers or strike up a conversation at the bar. Things I wouldn't have done if surrounded by friends. Also, there is an accomplishment in figuring out itineraries and adventures on your own. To give yourself a pat on the back that you got it done without anyone’s help.

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When it comes to solo travel I know the leap might be big. That’s why you can start small. You can take a road trip out of town or stay in a hotel for a staycation. As you make baby steps you’ll get comfortable with the idea. Then pretty soon you’ll be jet setting around the world making friends every step of the way.

What are your thoughts on solo travel?