4 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress


The Holidays can take a lot out of a person. Especially when you’re up at 2 am wrapping presents and online shopping for gifts. Cursing all the people that bought you presents last year. Guilted into returning the favor. All this adding to the vast amount of debt accumulated through the years. Easy to feel overwhelmed and not in the spirit of giving this time of year. That’s why we composed a list of the top 4 tips on how to reduce stress, and regain some energy this time around.


1. Forget perfection

Obsessing over things has never changed the outcome. We all know this but try to control every aspect of the Holidays. Family get-togethers, online shopping and a continuous focus on making everyone happy. Try to focus on what’s important to you this winter. Once you accessed the priorities you can let the little things go and roll with the punches. As long as the majority of people are happy and somewhat taken care of, everything else will fall into place.


2. Mediate/Listen to Music

Meditation can lift spirits, regain clarity, and relieve stress. But, meditation isn't for everyone. Some people achieve this state of awareness in different ways. Whether an afternoon hike, journaling or listening to your family’s Vinyl collection. Studies have suggested that hearing music you enjoy can relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. This calms you down and it's good for your heart. Make time to sit and appreciate your surroundings and what you have. All types of meditation provide substance to the soul. 


3. Get Away

Take a few days off of work if you can, a weekend or even a day trip can do wonders on your mood. Try to schedule a time where you can take a break from the Holiday commotion. Plan a mini vacay for some much-needed self-care. This will dramatically lower your stress levels and help you feel refreshed. Fun tip, if you can’t afford a vacation right now, try getting access at a local Hotel spa or pool for the day. Sipping champagne, swimming and getting massages is a great way to restore energy. 


4. Have great sex

We would say to get more exercise, but you know this already.  Plus, we find this to be more fun of a workout in many ways, depending on your workout partner. Also, who wants to join a Gym this time of year anyway? It’s crowded by New Year's resolution early adopters and Holiday newbies. We know it’s hard to make time for sex and get into the mood when you’re stressed. But be more open this season and have more sex than usual. Sex can boost your immune system. Experts state that regular orgasms increase endorphins and oxytocin levels. Which elevate your mood and promote sound sleep. Obviously, if you don’t have a partner to have sex with. You can use this time to have more sex with yourself. Masturbation is just as good, if not better sometimes than the real thing. Showing yourself love is just as good and you’ll reap the same benefits.

What is your favorite holiday stress reliever?



Armani Smith