Yin Yoga Benefits and Why I love it

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I am not a Yoga person. Which is funny since this is a post about the benefits of Yin Yoga. Let’s rewind a bit to my history with yoga. My journey with yoga has been one met with a lot of resistance. I've been to Yoga classes all over Los Angeles - indoor, outdoor, yoga with massages… I could never find my groove. I know how good it is for you. I never felt the way everyone else did after a class. I’m also a little upset that no one ever thought to drag me to the yoga with baby goats or kittens but whatever.

I work out pretty often and lately have had more issues with my hip flexors. Not one to run to the doctor. Sorry, not sorry. I begin to research different types of yoga and gain a better understanding of them. Hoping to find one that fit what I had been looking for in a yoga class. That’s when I stumbled upon the yin style of yoga. It had to do with the lower back and opening up the hips. I was like that’s what I need! I had been to so many yoga classes at this point I figured what was one more?! Make a long story short, I took the class and Yin Yoga is now my favorite style. My second favorite is restorative and that’s pretty much where my Yoga love ends. Now lets’ talk about Yin Yoga!

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What is Yin Yoga?

It’s a slow paced yoga practice that has to do with holding the postures for a long period of time. So picture the half-ass stretching you might do after a spin class. Now hold that stretch for 3-5 minutes. You experienced Yin Yoga… sorta.

Yin Yoga focuses on the deep connective tissues in the body. It takes you to the edge of discomfort and teaches you with breath work how to surrender to the posture. To feel your body surrender and stay present at that moment. Going to your edge allows you to release tension and get deeper into the stretch. Often surprising yourself! Yin Yoga is perfect if you doing rigorous workouts during the week. It helps you to stay balanced and avoid injuries. It gives you the ultimate stretch and is great to incorporate in your weekly routine.

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Benefits of Yin Yoga

There are many benefits of Yin Yoga. I’ve narrowed them down to my favorite benefits.

Targets Connective Tissues - These stretches go deep and connect with the Yin Tissues. Which are tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fascia, and bones. It can definitely feel uncomfortable at times but in a good delicious way. Be prepared you release tension and emotions in this class.

Increases Flexibility - Before Yin Yoga, I wasn’t flexible at all. I’m still not. But I’m getting better. The benefits of taking this class is to enhance my mobility. I see the progress week to week. I love that a lot of the poses I learn I’m able to do while watching TV at home.

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Meditative - You will become present during Yin Yoga. You have to be. You’re breathing deep to hold the poses. This is great to help ease stress and anxiety. It’s you having a date with your body. You learn how to slow down and take your time. Which is perfect in the world where it’s “Go Go Go!”

Massage Afterglow - Not everyone can afford a massage. But you can definitely afford some Yin Yoga classes. Holding the poses can squeeze the connective tissues. Helping them to become more pliable. It’s as though your deep tissues, organs, and lymph nodes are getting their own massage - with each twist and turn. Which can make you feel like your whole body has had a massage. Make sure to drink lots of water after the class to release the toxins.

I try to take Yin Yoga once a week. The class I take is about an hour and a half and goes by so fast! I’m happy to find a yoga class that I enjoy.

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Have you taken Yin Yoga before? Let me know below!



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