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Coconut Cali

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I'm Andreé Honoré Smith, the creator and founder of What’s Your Tea? A tea aficionado who likes to indulge in a delightful tea and cocktail whenever I can. Disappointed in teas I found that were weak and flavorless. I began a journey to find bold delicious flavors that mix well with cocktails. Who doesn't love a good drink?!

After many tea tastings of blends from around the world. I came up with four fierce flavors with more to come. Introducing Blueberry Boss, Lavender Love, Coconut Cali and Bougie Hippy. WYT is a fresh new approach to an old custom. High-quality teas with fun vibrant quotes.

A little more about me! I'm the wife of NFL Great Legend Dennis Smith. We have a daughter and a son. We live in Hollywood Hills California with our pets - a dog, a cat and peacocks that roam our yard.

I hope you enjoy my teas as much as I loved making them! Connect with WYT and say hello anytime!

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I wanted to give our customers premium teas with excellent all natural flavors. These teas are infused with the best ingredients. Our Black Teas come directly from farmers in China, India, Sri Lanka. While our Herbal blend comes from farmers in South Africa, Egypt and Guatemala.

Fresh fruit brings out the flavors of these teas. Which include strawberries, blueberries, apple pieces, orange peels, and coconut. Other teas include dried flowers like lavender, raspberry leaves, blue cornflowers, hibiscus and rose hips.

Starting teas include two delightful blends of Ceylon black tea, one Earl Grey and one herbal tea. All pleasantly aromatic.



Bougie Hippy

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"Teas that represent how you really feel."


Blueberry Boss

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Having friends over and you want to serve good cocktails? What makes my teas unique is that they mix well with alcohol. Yay!! Each tea flavor comes with an easy to make delicious cocktail recipe. Nothing is better on a glorious day or enchanting evening than to unwind with friends and enjoy a fabulous mixed drink. This added bonus make my teas the perfect gift for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, housewarmings birthdays, etc. The perfect tea to get the party started!


Lavender Love

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