Easy Tips for Skincare Newbies

New to Skincare

How do I start taking care of my skin? It's a common question the older we get. Even when I’ve found a great routine for myself. I keep adjusting to seeing if there’s something better for quenching my skin. I adore skincare and having healthy skin. I’m a sucker for it and I eat up any chance to try new products. I have my favorites but I always cheat on them a bit when I want to try something shiny and new. I find that taking care of your skin makes you feel good. When you know it’s well taken care of you feel a natural glow with or without makeup. I know that the skincare industry can be intimidating. I’m sharing the first 4 steps to starting your skincare journey.


Drinking water is important. You should be consuming it as much as you can. When you’re dehydrated it can show in your face - dry and flaky skin that can lead to wrinkles. Water is beneficial to the body. By aiding in digestion, circulation, boosting the immune system and staying hydrated. Your skin is an organ that needs water to function. Eight glasses a day is a good goal. I jump start my day with about two glasses of water. This gets my metabolism and energy moving.

An easy way to drink more water is to have a cute bottle to carry around. I would opt for glass over plastic. This is my favorite water bottle:


You have to get to know your skin to find what works best. If you’re new to starting out with a cleansing routine look for ones that are for sensitive skin. These formulas will be a bit more gentle. Look for more natural or organic cleansers if you can that are free from harmful ingredients. Now I have sensitive skin and only use a cleanser at night. In the morning I use water. You never want to over wash your skin stripping it too much of natural oils. Again find what works best for you. Here’s my favorite cleanser right now:


A good moisturizer makes your skin feel so good. I love the feeling of creamy moisturizer. When looking for a moisturizer you want to find one that fits your skin type. You also want to get one that is rich in good ingredients. The Skincare Edit: How to Choose the Best Moisturizer, talks about what to look for in a good moisturizer. It’s worth a look! Here is my favorite right now:

SPF Baby

You need to include SPF in your skincare. Do you people in the back hear me? I don’t care what age you are, buy some good SPF and become best friends with it.

The sun is delicious, warm and full of vitamin D. But it will also wreak havoc on your face. Also, even if your melanin is popping (my fellow brown ladies and gentleman) you are still at risk of sun damage. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the skin cells and fibers called elastin. Causing wrinkles, freckles, moles etc. Also, these UV rays can lead to Skin cancer. Look it up, educate yourself. Then invest in a great sunscreen with good ingredients.  This is my favorite sunscreen:

Jumping into skincare doesn’t have to be hard. Taking small steps to take care of yourself has a lot of benefits. As you start to see differences in your skin you can start to add additional steps to your skincare. When starting out I like to keep it to the essentials. That way your more likely to keep the routine going!

What are some of your favorite skincare products? Let us know!