4 Tips for better Self-care in 2019


How do I fit self-care in a busy lifestyle?

Every year we judge ourselves in regards to our careers, relationships, and expectations. That coupled with the stress of everyday problems. Self-care can be beneficial as it can shed light on the damaging behaviors. Reflection can remind us of the courageous situations we faced that made us stronger.

While everyone is dropping off from their New Year’s Resolutions. Remember, you don’t need a defined date to start taking better care of yourself. In fact, start now in dedicating more time for self-care and mental health. Everyone is non-stop, looking for the next best thing. Believe me, it’s the reason I have wanderlust. Always looking up travel destinations with laid back lifestyles cause I need a “break.” But you don’t need to jet away when you need peace. Through the commotion, you can find the way to relaxation and self-preservation. I’m here to help, here are the Top 4 Tips on Great Self Care. 


Tip 1: Self- Care Planning

Become more proactive in self-care planning. Scheduling days to take care of yourself. We know you have many planners, whether physical or digital. Try your best to make time every week or at least a few times a months to dedicate to you. If you’re not the organized type, consider at least making a reminder on your phone for such occasion. Believe me out of all the possible meetings you have planned for work or school. It will be refreshing to have a day set up for you. 


Tip 2: Find what makes you Happy

Figure out things that work for your positive reinforcement. What creates good self-care ranges from person to person. For some it could be a book, a warm bath, and a glass of wine. For others, it could mean a social gathering with friends or family. The wonderful thing about dealing with ourselves is no one can tell us what’s best. Aside from mental health care professionals and they don’t always know. Make up the decision for how you take care of yourself. Self-care could mean a new hobby, a garden you started in your backyard, painting, or sewing. I just picked up the new hobby of sewing and I love it. Find activities that can be put aside for much needed alone time.


Tip 3: Mind and body connection.

Everyone knows this but being mindful of what we eat and moving our bodies can do wonders for health. This doesn’t mean you have to take up Crossfit, extreme diets or lose 20 pounds. This is to keep your body healthy no matter of size. Everyone benefits from eating fruits and veggies, drinking plenty of water and doing moderate exercise. Eventually, you might find it’s a good addition to your self-care plan. Just don’t overdo it. People often misunderstand that fitness and health are supposed to be enjoyable. The best part of taking time to add value to yourself is doing things you enjoy. Nutrition and exercise release endorphins and help you continue to do so. Find something that you enjoy and sparks joy.


Tip 4: Practice makes perfect

The last tip is to remember we all make mistakes, self-care is a learning process. Don’t be afraid if you mess up any of these steps or if you feel overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time and find what’s important to you. Work on activities that puts your mind at ease. Never be afraid to contact a health care professional if it becomes too much. At the end of the day, wellness is a concept we all strive for, fight to maintain and connect to in different ways. 

What are some of your favorite self care activities?



Armani Smith