Best Clean Makeup Gift Guide

Best Clean Beauty Holiday Gift Guide.

Christmas gift guides are my favorite. I love seeing if there are any unique gifts that I can get people. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect gift. This year I fell in love with clean beauty - skincare and makeup. What is clean beauty? Clean beauty means makeup and skincare that is free of harmful chemicals, cruelty free and more ethical in production. Now, I’m not getting preachy on you.  I’m not perfect. I’ll still buy any makeup that fits the budget. But, when I can find an alternative that I love that has clean ingredients I’m about fitting it in my routine. This year for the women in my life I decided to get them some good clean beauty. If I’m being completely honest, most of the time I was looking for myself. Then, I would think… oh, I should get this for my best friend, co-worker, cousin, mom whoever too.

Can we agree on something? Being an adult during the holidays means you if you like something you can treat yourself! That's right you don't have to wait for anyone. I love love love giving people gifts. But I also take advantage of holiday sales for myself. I am my own Santa.

In searching for the cleanest makeup for myself... I mean friends! I decided to do a gift guide. From your co-workers' white elephant gift to your best friend since elementary. There should be a gift for all ladies in your life on this list.

Stocking Stuffers $

Juice Beauty - Clean Beauty Gift Guide

Juice Beauty - Plant Me A Kiss - $19

This perfect little gift includes the PHYTO-PIGMENTS™ Ultra-Natural Mascara in black with a full-size PHYTO-PIGMENTS™ Satin Lip Cream in Sonoma. This small gift can also double as an ornament. I’d love if all my Christmas tree ornaments included clean makeup!

Perfect for that coworker you kind of like and aren’t sure if they're getting you a gift.

Mischo Beauty - 10-Free Nail Lacquer - $17

Mischo Beauty - 10-Free Nail Lacquer - $17

Being honest I don’t go to nail salons often but if anyone wants to treat me I’m down! What I recently learned is nail polish can hold a lot of harmful ingredients that can sink into the bloodstream. It’s hard to find a nail polish that doesn’t have ANY chemicals. But if you can find one that eliminates the worst ones then that’s better than nothing.

Mischo Beauty nail polish is chip-resistant, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made without artificial fragrance. It’s also formulated without the 10 horrible ingredients. Hence the name “10-free.”

Perfect for that friend who's obsessed with mani/pedis and could use less chemicals in their nail game.

Friends $$

Alima Pure - The Evening Bag Edit - $50

Alima Pure - The Evening Bag Edit - $50

Alima pure is one of the first clean makeup brands I tried. I love their makeup and what they stand for. This set includes Eyeshadow, Natural Definition Eye Pencil, and Lipstick.

On top of that with each holiday set purchased Alima Pure will donate $5 to one of three non-profits. They are Wells Bring Hope, The Kula Project, or The Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. You get to pick which one of the three!

Perfect for the friend that wears makeup on special occasions only. Let this special occasions be toxic free!

Tatcha - The Starter Ritual Set - Balancing for Normal to Oily Skin -$59

Tatcha - The Starter Ritual Set - Balancing for Normal to Oily Skin -$59

I know this isn’t “makeup” but you have to get your face fresh. I’ll tell you a secret I bought this for myself (hello my own Santa) and three friends. I love this luxurious brand and wish I could afford it all the time. Alas I can’t, that’s why I gift it so my friends can experience the divine as well. I can vouch that this set has good sample sizes and lasts about 2 weeks. This kit is good for normal to oily skin. The kit has Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, The Rice Polish: Deep, The Essence, and The Water Cream.

Perfect for the friend who needs a jump start with their skincare routine. We all have that one friend…. who doesn’t know the order of face washing. This is for them!

BFFS & Family $$$



RMS is becoming popular with their famous ‘un’cover-up foundation and concealer. This gift set is calling my name. The cool thing is you can choose the colors that fit your complexion. Perfect for brown girls like me! Where makeup gift sets usually don’t cater to us. This RMS Beauty Glowing Gift Set includes four full-size pots of the line's best sellers. Your choice of luminizer or master mixer, eye polish, lip2cheek, and 'un'cover-up.

Perfect for ME. Jk… but customize this for your bestie so she knows it's real.

Kosas - Alter Ego Color Spectrum Cosmetic Set - $122

Kosas - Alter Ego Color Spectrum Cosmetic Set - $122

This Kosas kit looks so cool and fancy. The branding, design, the clean ingredients! I drool. This gift set comes with the adorable holiday red cosmetic bag. It contains Lip colors (Undone and Electra) and Color & Light Palettes (Papaya 1972 and Tropic Equinox). This is the kind of gift you get and look at but never use. It’s that pretty! But if you receive this gift from me you better use it or I’ll be taking it back.

Perfect for your mom. She will think you went ALL out and you did (it ain't cheap). But you’re also looking out for her skin. Cause we know moms never change their makeup game.

Those are my favorite clean beauty picks for holiday gift giving. Which one appeals to you most?! Let me know!



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