Blueberry Boss

Blueberry Boss


BESTSELLER! Blueberry Boss, bold and beautiful. The true essence of confidence. A magnificent mix of rich Ceylon black tea, luscious natural blueberry flavor, dried blueberries with a hint of raspberry leaves. It has a vigorous crisp blueberry fragrance, with an alluring slightly sweet yet daring balance. Pure satisfaction! Because you paid the cost to be the boss.

This black tea packs a powerful punch with high levels of caffeine.

Each package comes with 12 tea bags.

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The blueberry is an antioxidants fruit valued for it’s many nutritious health benefits in the world. Small but mighty, it is a native of North America, and was first cultivated by Native Americans. There are two prime blueberries commonly grown. The lowbush, the small wild type is known for its brilliant color and taste. The highbush the larger is celebrated for its aromatics.