Oregon Hazelnut Cardamom & Vanilla

Oregon Hazelnut Cardamom & Vanilla


Oregon Hazelnut Toffee Cardamom & Vanilla. This flavor was awarded 'Best Chocolate Candy' at the 2015 and 2018 Oregon Chocolate Festival. Also awarded a 2018 Gold medal for "Top Toffee" from the International Chocolate Salon. It balances the sweetness of the toffee with a unique spicy chai, herbal character. Which as tea lovers we love a good herbal kick!

This toffees contain no gluten, soy, corn syrup or preservatives.

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About the Company: Holm Made Toffee

Holm Made Toffee is a women owned company that has been in the toffee making business for over 30 years. With no plans to quit this award winning company specialize in small batch toffee with Oregon grown hazelnuts and ingredients sourced from around the PNW.